• Meet Hartley Goldstone JD, MBA

    Following 25 years as attorney, senior trust officer, and senior staff of a multifamily office, Hartley founded Trustscape LLC in 2009. The core of his work is collaborating with clients to identify―and then achieve―positive possibilities in the relationship between beneficiary and trustee.
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Presentations & Workshops

  • for your family office or organization

Hartley has spoken about flourishing trustscapes at family office events, in addition to conferences of the Family Office Exchange, the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, the Institute for Private Investors, the American Bankers Association, the Purposeful Planning Institute, and many others.

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Consulting & Coaching

Hartley offers consulting services in association with Wise Counsel Research, a nonprofit think-tank and boutique consultancy focused on matters of wealth and philanthropy. He offers field-tested approaches and tools to identify―and then achieve―positive possibilities. 

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Calendar of Events

Call Hartley to discuss personalized consulting and coaching projects for your family, family office, or trust company.

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Books & Articles

  • Family TrustsBooks

    Family Trusts is a step-by-step guide for anyone involved in family trusts: trust creators, trustees, beneficiaries, and advisors. It will help families create and administer a culture that recognizes trusts as a gift of love.

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  • The Moral Core of TrusteeshipArticles

    Hartley Goldstone, Rev. Scotty McLennan & Keith Whitaker discuss the origin, nature and power of trusteeship.

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  • TrustworthyBooks

    TrustWorthy is a collection of 25 personal -- and positive -- stories told by beneficiaries, trustees and their advisors. The book speaks to the human side of personal trusts, leaving the technical side (legal, tax, investments) to others.The book's objective? To begin to transform the most complex, conflicted and difficult relationship known under the law -- the "arranged marriage" between beneficiary and trustee -- by supplanting prevailing negative assumptions and behaviors. Readers are given a peek at "what other families do."

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